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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Customer File A Claim?

The customer can start the claim process by simply calling the number on the back of the contract.  We will supply the customer with a claim form requiring some simple information.


Is The Customer’s Warranty Transferrable?

Yes, it is.  The vehicle is covered for the term of the contract and can be transferred to the new owner for a minimal transferral fee.


Is the Customer’s Warranty Renewable?

Yes, it is.  If the customer decides to keep the vehicle past the contract’s expiration, notify us 30 days in advance and we can extend the coverage in 3 year increments for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.


What Is Covered Under The Customer’s Warranty?

Under our exterior protection, all painted surfaces are protected against loss of gloss, fading, chalking, acid rain, bird droppings, bug, and industrial fallout.

The interior protection covers seats (cloth, leather, and vinyl), carpet, and door panels against any type of stain.  We go to such extremes as to cover maker, bleach, any color dye, and pet stains.


Who Will Make The Repairs On The Customer’s Vehicle?

We prefer to have all repairs made by the selling dealer unless they are not able or if the customer would prefer to have them made elsewhere.

What If The Customer Moves?

We will work with a local dealer to have repairs made.  In other words, the customer’s coverage is nationwide.


What Maintenance Is The Customer Responsible For?

We simply ask that the customer reasonably take care of the vehicle.  Wash it regularly, keep it vacuumed, and notify us as soon as possible if the customer notices any damage or stains that cannot be cleaned.


What Cleaning Products Should The Customer Use On The Vehicle?

Customer Car Care Kits are typically provided at the time of purchase to help maintain the vehicle’s appearance.  It contains an enhancer that works to clean the exterior painted surface of the vehicle and an interior protectant to keep the vinyl and leather soft and clean.

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