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Enviroseal-Paint-Sealant-Environmental-Protective-CoatingPaint Sealant

Envirolon Keeps Your Vehicle in “Showroom Condition” ....Guaranteed!

Paint coating, not a wax, which contains no silicone. Envirolon leaves no visible residue and can be applied
to ALL exterior surfaces (plastics, chrome, rubber, and glass). As a result, all surfaces are protected making it
easier to maintain that showroom shine. This coating will protect the vehicle’s paint from:

  • Harmful UV Rays (Which promote fading and chalking)
  • Bird Droppings (Which etch the clearcoat and in severe cases can damage the actual paint and eventually cause rust)
  • Industrial Fallout (Caused from Manufacturing Facilities and Refineries. This residue adheres to the paint and also can etch due to the acid content)
  • Bugs (The residue left behind from a deceased insect also contains acid which will also etch the paint).
  • Envirolon UV will put a barrier between the paint and all of these elements prevalent in our area. This product will not break down due to heat, UV rays or acid rain over time like conventional paint sealants. It can only be removed with one specific chemical.

Defends Against Contaminants & Pollutants

Envirolon UV will keep the contaminants and pollutants that attack your vehicle everyday from adhering to your paint. Our Environmental Protection System will protect your vehicle over time from acids found in acid rain,
bird waste, tree sap, and insects. The Environmental  Protection System process adds strength to the finished surface of your vehicle, keeping your vehicle in  “showroom condition” guaranteed!

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